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This TEAM Orientation is designed to orientate new Educational Assistants to their roles and to begin the pathway of working as part of a collaborative Student Services team in one of our GSSD Schools.  All new temporary and permanent hires must complete all four modules of this orientation within the first month of being hired. When an Educational Assistant is assigned to a classroom teacher whom they have not worked with previously, the Educational Assistant, Classroom Teacher and Student Support Teacher are required to complete Modules Two and Three together.

To complete this orientation, team members should dedicate approximately 3 hours (1/2 hour for module 1, 1 hour for each of module 2 & 3, and 1/2 hour for module 4) to review the information on this blog, watch the paraprofessional video, and complete the questions in the workbook together.

To begin, follow through the tabs in sequence on the GSSD Student Services blog under TEAM Orientation.  Print the TEAM Orientation Workbook  and complete it as indicated in the modules.

  • When you reach a reflection question in the orientation, please document your discussion and responses in the workbook. Ensure all information is accurately represented as this workbook will need to be submitted.
  • Prior to starting the orientation and following completion, all EAs are required to complete the Pre and Post tests.
  • Upon completion of the TEAM Digital Orientation and Workbook, please  sign the back of the workbook and return to your SST/principal who will forward it to your SSC. If you have any questions or concerns, please  discuss these with your School Principal, Student Support Teacher or Student Services Coordinator.

Module 1 – Complete this module with your administrator within one week of your start date.

Module 2 – Complete this module and associated workbook section with your teacher partner and SST.

Module 3 – Complete this module and associated workbook section with your teacher partner and SST.

Module 4 – Complete this module independently.

NOTE: Modules 2 – 4 must be completed within one month of your start date.


Complete your Pretest now:

TEAM Orientation Pretest