iPad Apps for Learning


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Various Apps:

List of iphone/ipod/ipad apps for learning from the Ministry of Education

Proloquo2Go – like digital PECS.  Can be a student’s voice – used to make requests, express wants, needs and feelings – about $200

Proloquo Update Link – http://www.assistiveware.com/proloquo2go-30-now-available

Voice Dictation – allows students who have difficulty writing to record their voice instead

iModeling – create a model of steps for a student to follow to learn a skill or carry out a routine to develop indenpendence

Screen Chomp – can draw and then record words to your drawing to play back. For example, can use with fractions – draw a pie and then label it with your voice to say this is 1/4th. Very cool!  Can pause, rewind and replay their learning for reinforcement.  Allows students to self-assess….write, talk, record, reflect.

Shape Puzzle Free – gives you a shape like a zebra and you have to put the puzzle pieces together to create it….also a very cool app.

Scribble Kid – can color and draw with various templates available – also good for demonstrating knowledge fractions etc.

Pocket Pond – touch the fish and they will move away – calming water sound – good for cause/effect, motor skills, visual coordination, processing

Singing Fingers – finger paint using sounds – can add any sounds to the visual creation you’ve made. Watch the intro YouTube video that downloads with it to see how it works

Chalk Board – draw on an electronic chalk board with lots of colors to choose from

Story Kit – has stories to read, but doesn’t appear to read them aloud.

Educreations – can draw a picture and record you voice on the drawing to explain what you’ve created….can use this to demonstrate knowledge

Quick Voice – can speak instructions/steps on here for a student to play back when needed

Futaba – word games

Math Puppy – Bingo and Math Challenges for Kids

Hungry Fish – have to feed the fish bubbles that add up to the number on the fish

Rocket Math Free – basic facts and time

Sock Puppet – can be used to record, review and reflect through the use of puppets

Toontastic – animated page where you can create characters, develop dialogue and tell a story

Feltboard – allows students to express themselves creatively

Star Walk  – point ipad any direction in the sky and learn about stars and planets

Qwiki – interesting way to gather information from the net – takes bits and pieces from many sites and puts a video together for you on a topic your inquire about

iMovie – create videos, books etc.

Keynote – like powerpoint

Speech Journal – can be used to record learning over time – allows for reflection and inquiry learning.  Take snapshop of your learning (picture) and document your process as you learn.

Keynote – allows you to create multi-media presentations.