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This link will take you to an excellent mindmap of Web 2.0 resources:


Teaching with Technology: ipads and ipods for students with special needs:


Comic strip tool for classroom use:


View this link showing how to see Voice Thread for Subtraction:


Use Vocaroo  and Audioboo for recording and sharing audio…students can use these tools for storytelling etc.  Vocaroo is a free podcasting tool that records up to 20 minutes of audio and then gives you the html code to embed what you have recorded on a blog or wiki. It can be used to record student’s reading fluency so it can be posted on their blog (online portfolio).

http://www.vocaroo.com/ http://audioboo.fm/

Use spellingcity.com to create a class account and place weekly spelling words there. The students can go on and play fun games using the spelling words for the week. They can create different word searches, play hangman, fill in the blanks and so much more.

www.stixy.com can be used as a great clasroom resource for brainstorming, reflecting on work, exit passes etc.



Links to Other GSSD Blogs:

Ideas for Fostering Independence & Inclusion using Assistive Technology:


http://gssdilearn.wikispaces.com/Home – included list of various apps for ipads/ipods

GSSD Literacy Website: http://blogs.gssd.ca/literacy

Balanced Literacy Wiki: http://gssdbalancedliteracy.wikispaces.com/

Reading Comprehension Wiki: http://gssdreadingcomprehensionstrategies.wikispaces.com/

GSSD Library Bloghttp://library.gssd.ca/

GSSD Understanding By Design Bloghttp://blogs.gssd.ca/gssdubd/

GSSD Balanced Literacy & Guided Reading:  http://gssdbalancedliteracy.wikispaces.com/Guided+Reading

Grade 6 Curriculum Day – Peace and Conflict wiki: http://gssdgrade6curriculumday.wikispaces.com/

Grade 1 ELA & Math Grade Alike Day wiki: http://gssdgrade1ela-math.wikispaces.com/

Middle Years wiki on how we can support struggling readers: http://gssdmiddleyears.wikispaces.com/


EAL Blog:  http://blogs.gssd.ca/eal/

Michelle’s Digital Learning Blog:  http://blogs.gssd.ca/mmorley/