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Scholastic Resources for Middle Years (Struggling Readers)


Scholastic has several selections for Struggling Readers:

Fast Track A new resource for struggling, reluctant, and ESL students in grades 4–8 who need extra support to improve literacy achievement. Fast Track books engage students and help increase reading ability and confidence by hitting both interest level and reading level.

Second Chance Reading offers struggling students a second chance to master basic reading, writing, and speaking strategies using books written just for them.

Greatest Sports Heroes and Way of the Warrior both offer Grade Levels 4–7 with an Interest Level in 7–12. High Interest Books have something to offer every reluctant reader. Every 48-page book is carefully written to satisfy a young teenager’s voracious appetite for knowledge.

Torque:  Action Sports, Cool Rides, Motorcycles: These books offer Reading Levels Grades 2-3 with and Interest Level of Grade 3-7.  They feature engaging layouts that inclkude diagrams and labels and vivid photographs.  Text features also include  table of contents, glossary, websites and an index.

24/7 Behind the Headlines: Target is for Reading Levels 5-7 Grades 7-12.  This series includes a journalistic design that uses bold graphics and dramatic photography.  Ithe-moment reporting allows readers to experience historic events as they unfold.  These books have a highly visual font matter includes facts and figures about hte topic as well as introductory information presented.  Each section opens with a photographic spread that includes a brief introduction to the themse addresses in that section.  Back matter includes a timeline, glossary, resources section and index.  Includes themes such as forensics, spies, and medical mysteries.


24/7 Behind the Scenes Reading Level Grade 5 – 7, Interest Level Grade 8-12.  This series contains background information to build content area knowledge. Chapter summaries and questions recap thr evidence.  Reading cues such as: prompts call outs, highlighted words, diagrams, and primary sources.  This series contains field guides and tools.

Sprint Reading : Scholastic Sprint Reading engages striving readers with motivating books aligned to your core curriculum in specific Lexile® ranges. This effective reading intervention program uses paperbacks and Students Workbooks to teach the strategies readers need to further scaffold decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The Teacher’s Guide provides educators with comprehensive, practical plans for teaching essential skills for each title.



Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels

 Middle Years students find graphic novels motivating and engaging.  To view a list of graphic novel, please visit Graphic Novel page in this website.

Graphic Novels Series and Publishers


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Capstone Publishers

Capstone Publishers

Nonfiction very high-interest easy-to-read books; current topics and content area.


Illustrated Classics

Illustrated Classics

Readability Level: 4th/5th Grade Readability
Subject/Genre: Classic Literature

Introduce literature with these classic tales retold, with attractive color illustrations. Educators adapted each title using the Dale-Chall vocabulary system. Each book retains key phrases and quotations from the original classic. Each book is softcover, 70 pages.

Includes author biography and character map.

Reading Level 4th-5th.

Books are available individually, or as a complete 20-book set.



Currents Series

Currents Series:

Readability Level: 4th/5th Grade Readability

These high-interest novels highlight contemporary themes of especial interest for middle-school students, including bullying, rebellion, forgiveness, gangs, judging by appearance, and family relationships.

Pigboy: A boring field trip turns dangerous.
Rebel’s Tag: The way of the rebel has it’s price.
See No Evil: Some secrets are too dangerous to keep.
Mirror Image: What is there beneath the surface of an image?
The Shade: What is the ghost girl trying to tell Safira?

Note: Contain references to Canada.


High Noon Books

These high-interest novels highlight contemporary themes of especial interest for middle-school students, including bullying, rebellion, forgiveness, gangs, judging by appearance, and family relationships.

Noon Books 

3rd Grade Readibility list

4th Grade Readibility list