GSSD Transition Planning Guide:

Updated September 2014

Transition Planning Guide


Transition Procedures from Gr. 8 to YHRS:


Ages 2-5 Transition Planning Info:

Sunrise & GSSD Timeline and Procedures for Transition to K – follow these procedures for transitioning students from services in Sunrise to GSSD

Be sure to use the following documents in transitioning students into GSSD (ages 2 to K entrance):

Transition to K Meeting Guide revised June 2014 – use this form to guide transition meetings into PreK, preschool, daycare, and Kindergarten.  This was developed in partnership with Sunrise Therapies and PECIP for consistent use across our school division and will help gather information needed to create an Inclusion and Intervention Plan (IIP).

Moving Up Transition Document Revised June 2014 – please ensure this family friendly document is shared with parents/guardians of children requiring additional supports for a successful transition to Kindergarten.  This document was created in partnership with a number of agencies.



Transition Planning for Students with Autism:


Transition Checklists for all Stages of Transition into and out of GSSD:

GSSD At a Glance Tables – school teams please refer to these checklists for transitions to school, between grades and school, and from school to life.


Transition Planning Powerpoint


Assistance for Students with Disabilities – Transitioning out of High School:



Supported Employment High School Transition Info