GSSD Referral Flowchart:


PSP Referral Meeting Agenda Template:

PSP Referral Meeting Agenda Template – this template is used for monthly referral meetings in each cluster.


GSSD Consent/Referral Form for Contracted Physiotherapy Services:


GSSD PSP Referral Procedures:

All referrals must be completed in TPM  – if you have technical difficulties, please email TPM at


TPM Overview of GSSD Initiatives

GSSD TPM Overview of Initiatives – please refer to this powerpoint that provides a summary of how GSSD is using TPM software to create program plans for students and support variou tracking and progress monitoring initiatives.

When Students Move:

TPM data remains in the system even after a student has moved on.  These student records, however, are set to ‘Inactive’ and no longer appear in the default view.  The student and their data will re-appear upon integration if/when the student returns.  TPM has set Quintin up as the admin user with access to ‘inactive’ students.  He is alble to view and print inactive student records by clicking on Active/InActive button at the top of their page.  Please contact Quintin if you require something printed for a studnet who has moved.


TPM Referral Webinar:

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GSSD Release of Information Form:


Sunrise Therapies ASD Referral Form:


PT Services Available Through Sunrise Health:

Sunrise Health serves school age students for acute care, post surgical needs, and medical needs.   SSTs….please consult with your OT for further information on when to refer students for PT services through Sunrise as outlined above or contracted PT services.