Alt Ed


Locally Developed Report:


Ministry Approved Alt.Ed Courses 2013-2017:


GSSD Approved Course Codes for Alt. Ed:

GSSD Alt Ed Course Codes –  The Ministry has extended approval of these GSSD Alt. Class offerings to 2015 as they will then be developed and approved at the provincial level.


Alternative Education Programs

When the learning objectives in a specific area of study are not appropriate for a student, they may be placed on an Alternative Education Program, or an Inclusion and Support Plan, depending on the student’s age and grade level. Alternative Education Programs are available for students in Grades 10 through 12. Students who are in Kindergarten to Grade 9 will continue to receive most of their programming within the regular classroom, but will require an individualized plan to outline the learning outcomes and instructional strategies for the student. Students in Grades 10 to 12 may be placed in Modified or Alternate Programs if the learning outcomes of the regular education program are too rigorous.

Administrative Procedure 220

Form220-1 Parent Permission for Placement in AEP

Form220-2 Student Agreement for Placement in Alt Ed


Only Alternative Education courses at the 18, 28, and 38 levels that have been approved for delivery in the Good Spirit School Division by the Ministry of Education may be used. Copies of these approved courses have been placed in all high schools within Good Spirit. Please consult with the Superintendent of Student Services or your Student Services Coordinator to determine status of approval or to obtain additional copies of approved programs.