GSSD Speech Sound Severity Rating Scale and Procedures:


SLP Referral and Assessment Procedures:

After a referral has been completed to Student Services, a Speech – Language Pathologist (SLP) may be one of the Professional Service Providers selected as part of a student’s consultation team.  After gathering information through consultation and assessment, the student’s caregiver will receive a letter indicating that the referral has been received and the student will receive services from an SLP.

GSSD SLP Letter of Introduction

Students may receive Direct, Indirect, or Consultative Services; or they may be placed on a Monitor list.

GSSD SLP Service Delivery Definitions

Some students may be selected for formal assessment using a Standardized testing tool.  Following the formal assessment, the SLP will generate a report to share with the school and home.  That report will utilize the following template:

GSSD PSP Report Template Outline 2012

Following assessment, Severity Rating scores may be reported in Standard Scores, Percentiles, or using a Descriptor.

GSSD SLP Severity Rating Terminology


Speech and Language Kindergarten Screening – Information & Procedures

For 2012, all Kindergarten students will be assessed by a Speech – Language Pathologist (SLP).  This assessment, or “screening”, will be completed in the month of November.  Each student will be seen individually for 10-20 minutes to complete a battery of speech and language exercises designed to assess skill areas in speaking, using language, understanding language, and sound awareness.

Parents can expect to receive a letter with the details before the screening commences.  That information may also be available through the school newsletter.  A template of the letter will be posted here.  Good Spirit School Division Speech – Language Pathologists will assume consent has been given to screen all students.  If parents do not want their child screened as part of this Division-wide assessment, they are encouraged to contact their child’s school.

SLP K Screen Announcement Parent Letter

The information that will be collected may be used to help the classroom teacher focus on kindergarten success and may lead to a referral for additional speech and language assessment or intervention.  A follow-up letter will be forwarded to parents regarding each student’s results. 

SLP K Screen Results Parent Letter

Kindergarten teachers will be informed of the screen results for all students.  A class summary list or profile will be provided.  Those students requiring further action will be highlighted, along with identified areas of difficulty.

 GSSD SLP K Screen Results Record and Classroom Profile Template

For students requiring a referral, the SLP will initiate a new referral using TPM online software.  The SLP will provide some information regarding the reason for the referral by uploading a summary of the student’s Kindergarten screen to TPM.

 SLP K Screen Student Results Referral Information

School staff will ensure that the student’s demographic information is entered correctly.  School staff will obtain parental/caregiver signatures for consent for Speech/Language services.  School administration and Student Support Teachers will add their signatures and the referral will be submitted to the Student Services team.

 The Kindergarten screening form is below:

GSSD SLP Kindergarten Screening Form

In January, 2013, Kindergarten students that were identified as “at risk” in the area of Phonological Awareness (e.g., those who were unsuccessful on the sound awareness portion of the screening form) will again be assessed by an SLP.  These students will be seen individually for 10 – 20 minutes and the Dynamic Screen of Phonological Awareness (DSPA) will be completed.  Kindergarten teachers will be made aware of which students are to be screened.  Parents of these students will once again receive a letter advising that the screen will take place.  (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)  Once again, SLPs will assume consent has been granted unless they are contacted by the parents or the school.  Kindergarten teachers and parents will be notified of the appropriate action upon completion of the screen. (PARENT LETTER UNDER DEVELOPMENT).

In the spring of 2013, Kindergarten students identified as “monitor” for developing articulation sounds during the November screen will be re-evaluated. Parents will receive the following notification letter:

SLP K Spring Re-evaluation Parent Letter


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