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Sample Tranportation Instructions for Wheelchair Accessible Bussing:

Sample Transportation Instructions for a Student in a Wheelchair who rides the Bus 2014


Asberger’s Webinar - very informative video on Asperger Syndrome


FLASH Curriculum for teaching Sex Education
FLASH curriculum is a printable, online resource that has two levels and ready lesson plans with enjoyable activities.  The initial parts of the cirriculum link very neatly into the CIRCLES program.  The higher level curriculum is listed in the GSSD Alt Ed life trans 38 curriculum.


Reading Resource that focuses on Empathy, Compassion and Social/Emotional Skills - free curriculum available at levels from PreK – senior level.  Teaches skills through reading about dogs.


GSSD Transition Planning Guide:

Updated March 2014
GSSD Transition Planning Guide


Autism Episode Webinars:

Below are some sample Autism Episode Webinars and there are many others in this series that can be viewed on YouTube to teach various skills.  Check them out! - Reward Charts - Neighborhood Play Group - Playing with Toys


Ministry of ON Autism Guide:

ASD Guide Ministry of Ontario


Upcoming Crisis and Trauma Workshops:

[ May 11, 2013 to May 14, 2014. ]  

The Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute Inc. is offering the following workshops in Saskatchewan this Spring. Register early and save 10%.

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE – Guiding Principles for Communities and Organizations
Regina:  May 1, 2014  (early rate deadline April 10)

This workshop provides a framework for incorporating restorative justice principles into your environment. The timeless philosophy of restorative justice [...]


FASD Presentation Contacts:

FASD Presentation Contacts


PSP Referral Meeting Agenda Template:

PSP Referral Meeting Agenda Template - this template is used for monthly referral meetings in each cluster.