Educational Assistants


Educational Assistant classes offered at Parkland College, Yorkton:

The Parkland Regional College is offering classes that you may require to complete your education.  See the schedule below:

Upcoming PRC Courses

If you have completed classes over the summer please provide Sherry Todosichuk, GSSD Superintendent of Business Administration, with your information.


EA Calendars for 2014/15:

Educational Assistant 2014-2015 Calendar

Educational Assistant 2014-2015 Calendar Days – 1, 3, & 5 Revised August 28, 2014

Educational Assistant 2014-2015 Calendar – Days 2, 4 & 6 Revised August 28, 2014


Procedure for Applicants to be Approved for GSSD EA Sub List:

GSSD Procedures for EA Sub Approval March 2013


Support Staff Performance Review and Appraisal Forms:

GSSD Support Staff Performance Review Form 435-1

Form 435-2 Outlining Areas of Concern regarding Support Staff Performance Appraisal


Resources to Guide Effective EA Utilization in Schools: 

Jan 09 Presentation – Strategies to Support Diverse Learning Needs including Role of EA

Be Careful What You Wish For Article

Knowledge and Skills of Teachers Supervising the Work of Paraprofessionals

Empowered or Overpowered

Theoharis Golden Rule Article

Role Perception Activity

Role Perception Score Sheet