Educational Acronyms



The following is a listing of numerous acronyms used within the school environment:

AP                               Advanced Placement

AP Manual                Administrative Procedures Manual

AFL                            Assessment For Learning

Alt. Ed.                       Alternative Education (18, 28, 38 level credits)

ASCD                         Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

ASD                            Autism Spectrum Disorder

AT                               Assistive Technology

ATFSL                       A Time For Significant Leadership

CAP                            Canadian Association of Principals

CARS                         Caring And Respectful Schools

CAT-4                        Canadian Achievement Tests (4th Edition)

CDS                           Cognitive Disability Strand  (Student Services)

CIAF                           Continuous Improvement Accountability Framework

CIP                 Continuous Improvement Plan

CIR                 Continuous Improvement Report

C.L.A.S.S. A.C.T.     Collaborative Learning and Structured Support, Assisting Caring Teachers

CSBA                         Canadian School Boards Association

CUPE                         CanadianUnion of Public Employees

DPEA                        Deer Park Employees Association

EAL                            English as an Additional Language

ECDAA                      East Central District Athletics Association

ED                              Early Dismissal

EDI                             Early Development Instrument

ELA                            English Language Arts

EYE                            Early Years Evaluation

F & P                          Fountas & Pinnell

FAME                         Facility Asset Management

FAST (or F&ST)      Families and Schools Together

FI                                 Functionally Integrated (Programming beyond Alt. Ed.)

FNME                         First Nation Metis Education

Friday File                Email updates sent weekly from Administration Office

GSTA                         Good Spirit Teachers’ Association

ID                                Interdisciplinary Team Meetings

IIP                               Inclusion and Intervention Plan (Student Services)

IS                                Intensive Support

ISC                             Intensive Support Committee

IPC                             Inter-professional Collaboration

LEADS                      League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents of Saskatchewan

LINC                           Local Implementation Negotiating Committee

LLI                              Levelled Literacy Intervention

LIP                              Learning Improvement Plan

MOE                           Ministry of Education

NVCI                          Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

OT                              Occupational Therapist

OTA                            Occupational Therapist Assistant

OTC                           Office of the Treaty Commissioner

OTL                            Opportunity-To-Learn (measured in AFL)

PAA                            Practical and Applied Arts

P.A.R.T.Y.                 Prevent Alcohol Related Trauma in Youth

PBS                            Positive Behavior Supports

PECIP                        Parkland Early Childhood Intervention Program

P.L.A.C.E.                 Professional Learning as Community Experience

PLC                            Professional Learning Community

PPEP                         Parent and Preschool Education Program

PSAB                         Public Sector Accounting Board (Guidelines)

PSP                            Professional Service Provider (includes SLP, OT, SC, PT)

PSYCH                      Psychologist

PTI                              Parent-Teacher Interviews

ROA                           Record Of Adaptations

RTI                             Response To Intervention

SAMA                         Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency

SARM                             Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities

SASBO                     Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials

SC                              School Counsellor

SCC                           School Community Council

SCSA                         Saskatchewan Community Schools Association

SDS                            Student Data System

SELU                         Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (U of S)

SHSAA                      Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association

SIDRU                      Saskatchewan Instructional Development and  Research Unit (U of R)

SIGN                          Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbours

SLP                            Speech-Language Pathologist

SLPA                         Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

SMART Board         Interactive whiteboard (not an actual acronym)

SMART Goals          Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely Goals

SPDU                         Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit (part of STF)

SSBA                        Saskatchewan School Boards Association

SSC                            Student Services Coordinators

SST                            Student Support Teacher

STF                           Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

SUMA                                   Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association

VTRA                         Violence Threat Risk Assessment

TSL                            Technology-Supported Learning

UTP                            Universal Teaching Program

WJ-III                          Woodcock Johnson – Third Edition


A “quick directory” of GSSD schools and possible acronyms used:

Calder School                                                         CAL

CanoraCompositeSchool                                     CCS

CanoraJuniorElementary School                                   CJES

ChurchbridgePublic School                                 CPS

ColumbiaSchool(Yorkton)                                    COL

DavisonSchool(Melville)                                        DAV

Dr. Brass School (Yorkton)                                      DRB

EsterhazyHigh School                                           EHS

FortLivingstoneSchool(Pelly)                              FLS

GraysonSchool                                                       GRA

HoffmanSchool(Langenburg)                               HOF

InvermaySchool                                                      INV

Kamsack Comprehensive Institute                       KCI

LangenburgHigh School                                      LHS

M.C.KnollSchool(Yorkton)                                   MCK

MacdonaldSchool(Stockholm)                              MAC

MelvilleComprehensiveSchool                           MCS

MillerSchool(Melville)                                             MIL

NorquaySchool                                                       NOR

P.J.GillenSchool(Esterhazy)                                PJG

PreecevilleSchool                                                  PRE

SaltcoatsSchool                                                      SAL

SpringsideSchool                                                   SPR

SturgisCompositeSchool                                     SCS

SturgisElementary School                                                SES

VictoriaSchool(Kamsack)                                      VIC

YorkdaleCentralSchool(Yorkton)                                    YCS

YorktonRegionalHigh School                             YRHS