Allocation of Additional EA Support:


Central to responsive teaching and inclusive practices is teachers taking responsibility for the education and well-being of all the students in their classrooms. To effectively meet the learning needs of each individual student, there may be instances when teachers require additional classroom support. If appropriate, support will be provided as identified and determined through the RTI process by the school-based RTI team.

Teacher Expectations

Teachers are expected to seek out and implement interventions and strategies to meet the needs of each of their students at the tier one level. Through differentiated instruction and referral to the school-based RTI team, teachers have a number of avenues to explore to respond to student need. It is important to document and track the results of the different types of support implemented at the classroom level. Before an intervention can be deemed to be successful or unsuccessful, it should be implemented a minimum of five times. Teachers should explore options that take each student’s learning style, interests, and readiness levels into account.

Procedures to follow:   GSSD Intensive Supports Procedures 2013