>National Forest Week Sept. 21-27

>National Forest Week is promoted across Canada by the CFA and regionally byvarious provincial/territorial forestry associations, corporations, agenciesand individuals. Established circa 1920 as Forest Fire Prevention Week, theintention was to encourage greater public awareness towards Canada’sforests. At the time, there was no apparent shortage of trees for industrialexpansion – the greatest threat came from …


>Digital Classroom Workshop

>I conducted a workshop for our school division yesterday for about 50 grade 4 – 5teachers. I complied a list of web resources for a Digital Classroom. I tried a new approach … I did a quick infomercial into having a digital classroom, pointed the teachers to the web resources including online tutorials and then …


>AID to Children

>AIDtochildren is a site that helps children in need through learning. Improve your vocabulary by selecting the correct definition and for every correct answer the sponsor will donate .25 to children in need. A nice daily site to use with your SMARTboard.