>Searching the Web?

>If you are planning on using a search engine like Google to help you search the web for a project then here are a few resources to help you understand how search engines work and to help make your searching time more productive: Interactive Online Google Tutorial Web Search Strategies in Plain English from leelefever …


>Learn How to set up a Blog

>Watch these short tutorials on how to set up a Blog in Blogger. Really clear and concise directions.
Todd Ridder reports on a recent Technology Expo conference he attended and describes the reactions of teachers to what are some pretty mainstream technologies.
His five basic recommendations to teachers are:

Stay informed
Focus on the learning process, not …


>Print What You Like

>Printwhatyoulike is a great site to help you only print the contents for a web page that your absolutely need. I love this idea because so many time I will go into a computer lab and a student has hit print on a web page and out comes 10 pages!!Go to the Printwhatyoulikewebsite and paste …