Exit Slips

Exit slips can be used for formative assessment but they can also be used to stimulate thinking and reflect on learning: Prompt students with statement like  – Today I learned, I was surprised when or Now I understand…
Try using a tool like – Google Forms or Padlet. both are quick to set up, plus adding and viewing data …


Build a Lesson around TED-Ed – Inspire Growing Minds!

There are two types of TED-Ed lessons. The first, TED-Ed’s award-winning original lessons, represent collaborations between expert educators, screenwriters and animators. Each collaboration aims to capture and amplify a great lesson idea suggested by the TED community. The second type of TED-Ed lesson can be created by any website visitor, and involves adding questions, discussion …


Class Responder

Class Responder is a free interactive quizzing tool.  Students can use any type of device or web browser to access the content. It is a great tool to find out how students are responding to the content you are teaching without a big disruption. Use it during small or large group instruction as long as …


GoNoodle Brain Breaks


Check out GoNoodle Brain Breaks, it helps teachers channel classroom energy with short interactive brain breaks. Desk-side activities help kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the day. GoNoodle is designed with K-5 classrooms in mind. Any teacher, anywhere, can create a free GoNoodle account and start using interactive brain breaks right away.

Math Learning Activities

If you have a SMARTboard,  activities like these are great for small groups during Math Pods. Using the SMARTboard in small groups allows students to be actively involved in the learning and the students are more engaged.

Count by 1’s
Count by 2’s
Count by 3’s
Count by 5’s
Count by 10′s
Flip Counter – practice reading numbers
Hundred’s Chart Games