>DabbleBoard  is the white board reinvented! Explore, create and collaborate and share your ideas all in one tool. Students can work together on a math problem .. you can import a picture,  draw over it, record your voice, and share your finding by embedding it on your blog.  It is also a great brainstorming or …


>Technology in Schools

>Each time I walk into a school I see more and more SMART Boards being installed. It is easy to impress board/community members and other teachers with the glitz of an interactive whiteboard, but look around and see how students are learning.  Are students developing 21 century skills required? Are students using the technology …


>Web Apps for Classroom Bloggers

>Once you have a Blog set up for yourself and/or your students (kidblog) here are some useful web apps that can be embedded in your blog:
Vocaroo– voice recording service (no sign-up required)

students can record a story they wrote
students can recite a poem
report the weather
choral speaking
create a news report
reading responses
math journals

Slideshare – Upload and share …