>That Quiz

>If your students have an understanding how to solve problems/equations That Quiz that purely a site for math practice. It generates a bunch of test questions and marks it. Registration is free and teachers who register receive complete record-keeping of student grades. They have access to more precise test-generation tools, can create single …


>Google Docs

>Why use Google Docs? I had a few conversations this week with teachers, administrators and superintendents about using Google Docs .. it was more like I was trying to convince them. Really the only way to know if it is something useful is to actually try it .. here is a short video that …


>Spelling ~ Words

>Differentiate your instruction by using one of these online spelling/word sites

Spelling City (create a free account and customize your spelling list)
Doorway Speller – look, say, cover, write, check
Spelling Bee
Spelling Time – it is a busy webpage but it reads the word in a sentence
Word Builder
Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee
BBC Spellits
Take on the Teacher
Make Words
Bitesize Spelling
Word Master
Word …


>Beginner Bloggers

>I was in a classroom the other day and the students were asked to write in their journals and then the teacher left the room. Most of the students were quite perplexed and asking “What do I write about?” As I sat and listened to them I was thinking that they are writing on a …



>If you are a blogger and want to add a document try using Box.net. You have to sign up for a Free account, upload your document and copy and paste the link in a Gadget on the side of you blog. You have limited space in the free account but it great way to get …


>Number Quotes

>Help add scale to a number … did you ever wonder what 300 000 000 could look like? Well here are some of the results in NumberQuote:

300,000,000 hot dogs laid next to each other would reach as far as 3.05 planet Venus

300,000,000 McDonald’s Big Macs laid next to each other would reach …