>Math & SMARTBoard

>I’m not a big fan of drill and practice math sites but once your students understand the concept of multipication being able to recall your multiplication table quickly can be beneficial. Most drill and practice math sites don’t work well with a SMARTboard, but Learn Your Tables has a touch keypad that can be …



>I was trying out Audioboo today and it is a great tool for recording and sharing audio, for example students could use it for storytelling. It is similar to Vocaroo (which I also love), but Audioboo’s have apps for the iphone/Android, plus you can follow and comment on the audio, which …


>Site Hoover

>Create a web of resources for students in minutes with Site Hoover. No Sign up required.Follow these steps:

Go to the site
Type in a name you want to use ie. mmorley
Click on a box / copy and paste the url / add a title? and save
Give your students the link to the resources
YOu can also create …