>Word count in Wordle


I love showing teachers Wordle because it is an easy to use tool. One way to Wordle is for it’s word count feature … a student can see in detail how many times he/she used a particular word. After you create a Wordle go to “Language” at the top of the tool bar and scroll down to the bottom where it says “Word …


>Classroom Blogs

>I recently did a session at our Division wide PD Day on Blogging. I start the session by telling teachers that it takes 5 minutes to set up a blog but it does take a bit more of a commitment to keep it going. To keep your blog sustainable over the year there has to …


>Geo Games

>With the technology and communication the world seems like it is getting smaller. It is a good idea to teach students some geography and where is the world countries are located on the globe. During transitions times play Geo Games on your SMARTBoard. Engage the whole classroom.