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Natural Curiosity: Environmental Inquiry

Natural Curiosity is a fabulous resource for both teacher and students. There are a lot of excellent web links to help build students understanding of the world through environmental inquiry.  The site provides information for teachers on the process of inquiry as well as providing many web sites, resources and ideas. Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 7.42.26 AM

Eagle Cam Nest

Click here to view the AEF’s Eagle Cam Nest live and to find out more information about this eagle and her chicks. This is a great writing activity for students to record the daily progress especially when the chick hatch! Please note: there is a short advertisement before the live feed begins.

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This site isn’t new but I really like how the news is displayed.  10X10 is visual news board that gathers news and information from around the world.

Zoo Borns

Find out the newest baby animal born at a zoo …. what a great way to inspire learning, curiosity and inquiry by guessing what type of animal it is and where it lives, what it eats …. Check out Zoo Borns daily!