>AID to Children

>AIDtochildren is a site that helps children in need through learning. Improve your vocabulary by selecting the correct definition and for every correct answer the sponsor will donate .25 to children in need. A nice daily site to use with your SMARTboard.

>Math Starters & More

>Try something new in mathematics:

Get your students motivated by trying out Math Starters. Everyday there is a new problem, plus the answers are conveniently located at the bottom of the page. A great way to start your math class using your SMARTboard.
Mathwire – more offline games – All games come with instructions & templates
Murderous Maths …

>Interactive Science Education

>Solar Energy Education is an interactive website describing solar energy. The text is easy to ready and the site provides extra web resources. Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for sharing great sites!
Another Science site I came across this morning is Magazone a interactive website for primary students learning about magnets. This would be a great Smartboard …