>Video in the Classroom

>Do you want to become a better videographer?? And you are probably thinking, I’m a teacher, social worker, nurse now you want me to be a filmmaker?? Come on!! Before you say No … Check out this trailer:
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Wiggio Looks like a great application if you are working with a group of people. It has a nice clean interface and here are some features:

Keep shared calendar events with text msg reminders
Poll groups in real-time
Send mass text and voice msg
Store files in one common folder
setup group conference calls

>Grade 1 Math

>I’m visiting a grade 1 classroom and Mrs. Muir has created a Teacher’s Math Journal. She is capturing her own journey into using the renewed Mathematics Curriculum in Saskatchewan. It is a great blog to follow if you are an early years teacher.Here is a link to a Full Screen Timer .. great to use …