Zoo Borns

Find out the newest baby animal born at a zoo …. what a great way to inspire learning, curiosity and inquiry by guessing what type of animal it is and where it lives, what it eats …. Check out Zoo Borns daily!


YouTube Live

YouTube Live is replacing Google+ Hangouts.
Set up Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live
You can use YouTube Live to create a Quick event with Hangouts On Air, or a Custom event using an encoder. Learn how to set up a live stream with YouTube Live.
Follow these steps to set up Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live:

Go …


Word Work

Try using Magnetic Letters when your students are doing word work! Take a snip of his/her work and post on his/her blog.

Word Central

Word Central is more than a Dictionary … there are games, a thesaurus and a place to find rhyming words and more. It is a great site to leave up on your SMART board while students write!

Woot Math

Woot Math has a really good bank of Interactive Problems Grade 3- 6 – these would be great to use as a demonstration on your SMART Board. It includes: Fractions, Area & base Ten blocks  Free to Sign-up.


Check out Wonderopolis daily to explore a new wonder and engage students with high interest nonfiction text. Included is a video, 3 questions and answers to the questions. Perhaps your students can come up with his/her own questions too ….

What Causes Earth’s Seasons?

June 20, 2012 is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year … have you ever wondered why our seasons change?

We Do Listen Foundation

Free Animated Online Books for young students to help teach social skills … great resource for early years classroom!

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Virtual Math Manipulatives

Here are the resources from our Math Mentor Workshop yesterday – I did a session on Virtual Manipulatives …. please use and pass on.

Virtual Manipulatives: Number Pieces

Use the web tool for large group instruction on your SMART Board & then download Number Pieces (free) app for individual practice.


Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 6.11.51 PM

Virtual Manipulative Kit

Virtual Manipulative Kit from McGrawHill has a virtual manipulatives and  instructional videos to go along with each manipulative. What a great pairing!Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 9.58.56 AM

Virtual Lab

If you are a bit squeamish, virtual dissection may be helpful!

Usain Bolt VS Gravity

Twenty Frame

Here is a free virtual manipulative you can use on your SMART Board or in your Math Pods so students can solve and understand addition and subtraction to 20. I also downloaded the App for $.99
Twenty Frame

Or try all the Virtual Math Boards: Click on the online version (site is in German)
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Tumble Book Cloud Junior

Tumble Books has updated its Collection for middle school aged readers. This is a great  resource for students to use at school or at home. There are ebooks, read-alongs,  graphic novels, videos and audio books. Many types of books to choose from for all your learners.

Treaty Ed Resources

Here is a great list of resources for Treaty Education (K-12) developed by Living Sky School Division.



Top Sites for Digital Storytelling

Check out these Digital Storytelling Tools 
Great way to inspire student writing and creativity!


Copy and paste any text into the box and create instance online activities: ie. organizing a paragraph. Try Textivate it out it is super easy to use!

TES iBoard

Many teachers have been asking me about the TES iBoard activities that I have on my math webpages … mentioning that you now need a subscription. I contacted TES iBoard to find out how much it would cost in CAD currency. Please contact me if you are interested in that information. Also, from what I …


Teaching Rocks

Teaching Rocks is a website with Kindergarten to grade 8 with First Nations Resources. Comes complete with lesson plan ideas and handouts …