>Wolfram Calculating Tool

Calculate anything with Wolfram Calculating Tool … how far is the sun .. or how many Euros in a CAN dollar or try 4X -3X and see what you get for an answer! Cool tool to use with guess and check strategy.

>Site Hoover

>Create a web of resources for students in minutes with Site Hoover. No Sign up required.Follow these steps:

Go to the site
Type in a name you want to use ie. mmorley
Click on a box / copy and paste the url / add a title? and save
Give your students the link to the resources
YOu can also create …

>Chem Education Digital Library

There is no shortage of great online sites for students to explore and visualize concepts.
The Chem Education Digital Library has Models 360, live Periodic Table and more. If you teach chemistry this site is a must have!