Saskatchewan Library Technician Day

Monday, September 27 is SASKATCHEWAN LIBRARY TECHNICIAN DAY as proclaimed by Education Minister, Donna Harpauer. Have a happy day and check out the information from the SALT website, which includes job information, professional development opportunities, and a SALT membership application. Treat yourself to something nice today such as extra long coffee break!
Saturday, October 16, 2010 – SALT Fall Workshops and Annual General Meeting

Book & Brier Patch

Book & Brier Patch in Regina is continuing as a wholesaler after closing their retail store. They are happy to supply schools with all their needs. Check out their website for more information or contact: Book & Brier Patch, 1809 McDonald Street, Regina, S4N 7A2, 1-800-276-0179, fax: 306-584-5857,

The Research Process


Step 1:  Questioning    Define and clarify your information needs.
Step 2:  Gathering        Locate and retrieve good resources from a variety of sources.
Step 3:  Recording       Select, process and record relevant data.
Step 4:  Outlining          Sort and sift the information and make an outline showing the order in which you will present your information.
Step 5:  Reporting        Present the information according to the assignment’s directions.  Be sure to document your sources appropriately.