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May 22, 2012 Library Inservice

8:30     Yorkton Regional High School Library

Coffee is on downstairs, and the book display is open for browsing. Our official start time is 9:30.

9:30     Welcome! 

               Announcements and information

               What we worked on in 2011-2012:

a) standardizing cataloguing processes according to Accesssing Information document

b) having students and staff log in to Destiny to use all of the features available

c) adding ROVER records and eBook records to our catalogues

d) determining the sections of the library using the Collection Statistics Summary Report for data

9:45 – 10:30   Collection Development

                           TITLEWAVE — Sign up for an account.  Link is here or in Catalog tab of Destiny under ADD TITLE.

 Titlewise – Hoffman


                           from Connections:  Policy and Guidelines  for School Libraries in Saskatchewan, Ministry of Education, 2008



 A Dozen Questions to consider:

1.  What is the average age of my collection? How does that compare to the guidelines of 70% published since 2002?

2.  How many items per student do I have? Do I have at least 20 items per student?

3.  Is my collection divided into the sections that best suit my library users?  (Collection statistics summary report)

4.  Am I satisfied with the ratio of fiction/non-fiction/easy books in the collection? How does it compare to the Ministry guidelines?

5.  What is circulating in my collection? (Reports– Library Reports — Statistics — Collection Statistics Historical

 What is circulating in GSSD?


6.  What authors and series are the popular ones?

7.  What is the ratio of fiction to nonfiction?  Does that reflect the reading interests in your school?

8. What is missing from this list that you observe in your building?

9. What do you guess is the average age of the material from this list? Is it within the Ministry guidelines of 10 years?

10.  How many of these top titles do I have in my collection?

 Final Questions for Reflection

 11.  Do I have an adequate amount of  fiction and nonfiction titles for the grade range in my school?

       *Note: pay particular attention to the top end and bottom end of your grade range?  ex) Grade 9s in a K-9 school

                                                                                                                                                             ex) Grade 6s in a 6-12 school

12.  Am I offering a broad range of styles to suit a variety of reading tastes?

       *Search collection by our fiction genre subject headings and see what you have. ex> Fantasy fiction, Graphic novels

       *Are you offering edgier materials or are you playing it too safe?   Use tools such as NoveList and NoveList K-8.


10:30 – 11:00    Coffee break and display browsing

                   Coffee, fruit and muffins are available in the library so that you do not have to fight with the crowds downstairs.

11:00 – 11:20     Cataloguing update for cataloguers

                   Mandatory for all cataloguers and anyone else who is interested.

                   Non-cataloguers and teacher-librarians may continue with the display or start group breakout session early.

11:20 – 12:00     Breakout Sessions

                   Group 1     Elementary School librarians

                   Group 2     K – 12 Librarians

                   Group 3     High School librarians

                   Group 4     Teacher-librarians

                   Please appoint a recorder and a group leader.  The questions may serve to guide your discussion, but feel free to go wherever the discussion takes you!  NOTE:  Please hand in one copy of your group questionnaire to Charlotte.