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Literacy Room

MANDATE #1: All schools are requested to set up a book room for all of their literacy-based levelled reading material.

1.  Material is to be catalogued. A call number prefix or a sublocation can be used as a designation.

2.  The material should be housed in the library or close to the library.

3.  These rooms will be ready for the opening of 2014-2015 school year. Time can be allocated at the end of August 2014 to complete the work.

4.  Administrators have received a memo from Juanita regarding the project. Have you heard from your administrator?

5.  Materials to be included:

Nelson Literacy kits

Six traits writing boxes

Guided reading packages

Scholastic Book Club kits

RAD kits

Scholastic Shared Reading packages

Scholastic Read Aloud packages

Reading strategy books (if you have separated them from your regular collection)

Writing trait anchor books

 Note:  Not all professional resources will need to be added to this literacy collection. Perhaps that can be a phase 2.



1.  Weed existing professional collection.guided_reading

2.  Weed your A/V collection, especially the videos.

3. Storage containers could include:

a) baskets

b) Princeton files

c) filing cabinets

d) rod and shower curtain hooks                                                                                                Victoria School Library

4. Check if there are existing records for your literacy resources before the end of June. Send materials without records to Peggy asap.

5. Please be considerate of new teachers or teachers with a change in teaching load who may need to access the literacy resources over the summer.

MANDATE #2: Funding will be allocated to establish classroom libraries in grade three rooms across the division.

1.  Students become better readers in resource-rich classrooms.

2.  A book list of core recommended titles in a variety of genres, both fiction and nonfiction, at a variety of reading levels will be distributed before the end of June.

3.  The books will be catalogued as part of the library collection and then sublocated or signed out to the classroom (not the teacher).

4. The Literacy Coaches will work with grade three teachers to help shift the perspective of the use and purpose of a classroom library.