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Library Technicians, October 14, 2014

A G E N D A  leaves

  9:00 Greetings and Opening Remarks

         Charlotte and Darran

          GSSD Portal Site


                                         email password

 Literacy Rooms 

          Two documents in Portal


               a) Reports>  Library Reports>   Statistics>  Search Statistics

Search statistics







                b) Reports>    Library Reports>   Statistics>  Top/Bottom Titles

10:30 – 10:45  BREAK

“I feel like we are always behind just trying to keep up with circulation and general running of the library.”

GSSD Library Technician, Feedback  Form Quotation

Updates:  a myriad of items

  • Library Learning Coach
  • Merging Patron Records
  • Brytewave app
  • Audiobooks
  • Policy documents
  • GSSD 5 year PD Plan – environmental goal 
    • further development of clutterfree classrooms and school environment (hallways, library, gym, entrance ways, etc.)

      Classroom and School Environment: The focus this year will be on teachers continuing to find ways to reduce the amount of clutter in their classrooms to minimize distractions to student learning. In addition, schools will continue to look for ways to develop their school environment so it is more conducive to student achievement. Accountability/Data: Teachers can take before and after pictures of their classrooms and the school or create a video that shows what their classroom or area of the school looked like before they focused on developing the environment and what it looked like after they were finished.

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    11:15  Book Swap    ~followed by~

          Breakout Workshop Sessions

           Choose a session of interest to you!

                Literacy room records
                Upload teacher guides for guided reading  

________________________________Boldprint Kids:


                Willow promotions
                Template development
                Promotion of online resources (Design posters for databases.)
                Cataloguing questions

12:00 – 1:00 Lunch

1:00 – 1:30  Tour of Dr. Brass Library

Columbia School to Dr. Brass School:  2.8 km = 5.6 km

1:40  Digital Resources

Link to Ministry of Education Recommended Resources:

 world bookWorld Book —                                                                          _____________________________________________________________________________






Criterion On-Demand —


Online Databases – New Features

2:20 Quick Break

Choose from the following articles. Review and highlight 2 – 3 key points the writer makes. Discuss.

 Chicago Tribune Article:  “Libraries Reinvent Themselves for the 21st Century.”

Canada Education Article:   Library to Learning Commons

American Library Association, Barbara Stripling article “Advocating for School Libraries:

“The “Why” behind a School’s Learning Commons” blog post by Gina Bondi

3:30  Closure