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Write a paragraph to answer the following question. Use a minimum of three quotes, paraphrases or summaries from the resources linked below. Was the NHL justified in suspending Aaron Rome for four games following the hit on Nathan Horton during game three of the Stanley Cup finals? NHL suspends Rome four games for hit on …

Mrs. Sauser’s Human Body Systems

WEBSITES:  Click on the graphics below to access these good websites.     *****************************************************************************************************************************     Citing My Sources: Discovery Kids website How the Body Works website website Britannica School Edition website World Book Kids website World Book Student ___________________________________VIDEOS_________________________  

Science 6, MCK


Provinces and Territories by Craig Marlatt Canadian Encyclopedia (Click on Provinces and Territories) Canadiana Blank Canadian Maps (loads very slowly)

Grade 1 – Red Wigglers

Mrs. Hick’s Grade Four

SASKATCHEWAN:  People Who Made A Difference Images licensed through Creative Commons Websites  Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan Ali’s Group:           Allen Sapp Allen Sapp Gallery The Canadian Encyclopedia Allen Sapp Artwork in Canada House Gallery Native Art in Canada Kallie’s Group:       George Reed Canadian Football League CFL Scrapbook Riderville George Reed Foundation Kassie’s Group:     Brent Butt …

Countries of the World

ONLINE EBOOKS: Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations Countries and Their Cultures Cities of the World WEBSITES: The World Factbook BBC Country Profiles National Geographic Kids! Fact Monster’s Country Profiles Country Studies from the Library of Congress Students of the World Global Trek ONLINE DATABASES: Culturegrams  

OneNote Assignment

RESEARCH PROCESS Step 1:  Choose a type of pet and then research to find facts on the following four headings: 1) Feeding 2) Grooming 3) Training 4) Veterinary Care Step 2:  Research two to four facts for each heading using an online encyclopedia and the AskKids search engine. Step 3: Record pertinent sections on text …

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Type in the name of your earthquake or volcano at World Book Online. Select the World Book Student edition. EARTHQUAKES USGS World Earthquake Information List of Earthquakes VOLCANOES Volcano World Global Volcanism Program

Reading Web Pages

Brain Activity and the World Wide Web changes to prefrontal cortex — decision-making and problem solving centre reading rates – skim, scan, study lower literacy rates Welcome to the Web how the internet works search engines Nonfiction Text Features and Web Pages parts of a web page

Book Club – Study

Unmistakable Impact Chapter 5 & 6   —   Sharing: