Introducing a newly rebranded SASKBOOKS



We knew them as the Saskatchewan Publishing Group.

About SaskBooks  <a clickable link>

“SaskBooks is a non-profit umbrella organisation for Saskatchewan publishers dedicated to promoting the Saskatchewan book publishing industry.”

Some of the titles I’d recommend:

dorothyDorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle


 A fun nonsense verse book.










miracle dogs


Do you remember Glenda Goertzen and her Prairie Dog Conspiracy? Well, she is back with another adventure. You’ll love how they end up on Telemiracle! The book garnered great reviews from both CM: Canadian Materials and Resource Links.






Unmaking, The: The Last Days of Tian Di Book Two

by Catherine Egan

Fans of this year’s Willow nominated Shade and the Sorceress won’t want to miss Book Two in the series. In the sequel Eliza is studying and growing in her magical powers.







Babas EasterBabas ChristmasBabas Wedding                                                                              Baba’s Babushka Series

                                                                                 A Magical Ukrainian Wedding

                                                                                 A Magical Ukranian Christmas

                                                                                 A Magical Ukrainian Easter




















Taking the Reins by Dayle Campbell Gaetz – a horse story set in BC at the time of the Gold Rush
Barnabas Bigfoot:  Bone Eater by Marty Chan- adventures of a young sasquatch, third in the series
Brovko’s Amazing Journey by Larry Warwaruk — Brovko, the dog, is left behind when his family moves to Canada
Roogaroo Mickey by Wilfred Burton — Metis legends and stories