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The advent of eBooks and the online books has expanded, or should I say, exploded the capacity of what school libraries can offer. As always, we need librarians to curate the offerings and make them accessible to our students. Common questions include:

a) What mobile devices can I use for this eBook?

b) Is there an app for that?

c) Which books have text-to-speech accompaniment?

Here is a bit of a guide for patrons of the Good Spirit School Division’s libraries.


eBooks   – a digital file that can be downloaded

Possible features include: text to speech, compatibility with a variety of mobile devices

Online books – a web-based book requiring an internet connection

Possible features include: audio accompanied by highlighted text

Audiobooks – a digital recording of a reading of a book

Possible features include: professional actor voices with sound effects


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 new! FollettShelf on our Destiny Library System 

Step 1:  Download and install Follett Digital Reader from the app store or GooglePlay.

Step 2:  Obtain your Destiny Library username and password plus your FollettShelf url from your librarian.

 Step 3: Install the Destiny Quest mobile app to search your library catalogue.


Library2Go – the Overdrive subscription from Parkland Regional Library     Support Page

Download eBooks, audiobooks and videos from library2go.sk.ca to your computer or make them portable for your MP3, iPod or other device(s).

Step 1:  Install OverDrive Media Console for iOS  from the app store to enjoy downloaded EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks on your device. To read EPUB eBooks, you will also need to authorize your device with an Adobe ID.

Step 2: From your iOS device, open Overdrive Media Console and tap Get Books to find your library and borrow titles.

Google Books         About Google Books     Google Play Support Page  

Project Gutenberg

Titlewavefor purchasing eBooks accessible through the library system


Book apps for ipad – link to article

 Reading-Related Apps Worth Reviewing –  BY LINDSEY FULLER,   Apr 22, 2013, International Reading Association