SSLA Conference 2013

I have the opportunity this morning to listen and participate in a one day interactive workshop led by Andrea Hernandez and Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano who are presenting on 21st Century Literacies and the Collaborative Classroom.

They give their students “Skyportunities” so they can connect better with their learning and the teachers can connect the outcomes in a meaningful way. The question is posed, “Who could we talk to who would have the answers to our questions.

They have been working on developing blogging skills with students. They caution that it is a process.  Check the following link to see the framework used for developing these blogging skills:

Tolisano emphasizes that we should think of the iPad as a thinking tool, not just as a learning tool. She challenges her students, even those in Kindergarten to do this five step process:  Find, Edit, Create, Save, and Send.  it is important to get what students create off of the iPad so that it is shared.