Leading Learning

Leading Learning

Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada 2014 was launched at the Canadian Library Association conference in Victoria at the end of May. The e-publication offers a vision and practical approaches for creating successful 21st century school libraries. http://clatoolbox.ca/casl/slic/llsop.html

For the past year and a half, the Saskatchewan School Library Association served as a Working Group member in the visioning and writing of the National Standards for School Libraries in Canada Project. The project brought together representatives from the ten provinces and three territories to collaborate on new school library standards that supersede Achieving Informational Literacy, a seminal historical reference published in 2003.

The five standards reflect new technologies and the changing landscapes in education and the library community. Because jurisdictions across Canada are at different places in the actualization of school library services, the standards are designed to reflect a range of anchors across a growth rubric. Examples of innovation and implementation strategies are embedded throughout the rubrics.

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

Check out this resource using the permalink from NoveList K- 8.

(You will need to be in a GSSD school for the link to work.)


crayonsFrom NoveList:  When Duncan arrives at school one morning, he finds a stack of letters, one from each of his crayons, complaining about how he uses them.

This book addresses stereotypes and would be useful as a read aloud to older students as well.

United Library Services — Hi-lo Material and more


ulsDOWNLOAD a PDF of their titles.







New favourites from Little Pickle Press

elastic_brainThis wonderful picture book encourages children to celebrate their brains. The intent of the book is to “create positive understanding about how to shape and stretch the brain to its full potential.”

It makes a nice companion for Howard, the little guy whose brain is used to teach reading comprehension from Adrienne Gear’s Reading Power. ““When Howard reads, he has a busy brain.”


Little Pickle Press






Download lesson plans from: http://info.littlepicklepress.com/lesson-plans-your-fantastic-elastic-brain/


whatdoesitmeantobepresentFROM THE WEBSITE:

“This refreshing, vibrant picture book engages all of the senses to
demonstrate the myriad of ways a child can seize the moment. The story sparks meaningful discussions about the important gift of appreciation, giving children and adults alike the opportunity to live more fully and richly.”








Introducing a newly rebranded SASKBOOKS



We knew them as the Saskatchewan Publishing Group.

About SaskBooks  <a clickable link>

“SaskBooks is a non-profit umbrella organisation for Saskatchewan publishers dedicated to promoting the Saskatchewan book publishing industry.”

Some of the titles I’d recommend:

dorothyDorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle


 A fun nonsense verse book.










miracle dogs


Do you remember Glenda Goertzen and her Prairie Dog Conspiracy? Well, she is back with another adventure. You’ll love how they end up on Telemiracle! The book garnered great reviews from both CM: Canadian Materials and Resource Links.






Unmaking, The: The Last Days of Tian Di Book Two

by Catherine Egan

Fans of this year’s Willow nominated Shade and the Sorceress won’t want to miss Book Two in the series. In the sequel Eliza is studying and growing in her magical powers.







Babas EasterBabas ChristmasBabas Wedding                                                                              Baba’s Babushka Series

                                                                                 A Magical Ukrainian Wedding

                                                                                 A Magical Ukranian Christmas

                                                                                 A Magical Ukrainian Easter




















Taking the Reins by Dayle Campbell Gaetz – a horse story set in BC at the time of the Gold Rush
Barnabas Bigfoot:  Bone Eater by Marty Chan- adventures of a young sasquatch, third in the series
Brovko’s Amazing Journey by Larry Warwaruk — Brovko, the dog, is left behind when his family moves to Canada
Roogaroo Mickey by Wilfred Burton — Metis legends and stories



Exciting offerings from JerBear Books

Check out these titles!  

Click here for the website and contact information:   JerBear  Books

For our farm lovers…

alfalfabetIt is an agricultural alphabet book!


written by Carol Watterson

illustrated by Michela Sorrentino







incredible youunstoppable meThis pair of books by Dr. Wayne Dyer are great for esteem building. The publisher’s description for Incredible You! describes how Dyer “believes that it’s never too early for children to know that they’re unique and powerful beings, and they have everything they need within themselves to create happy, successful lives.”

Unstoppable Me! details ten important lessons including “the value of taking risks, dealing with stress and anxiety, and learning to enjoy each moment.”


rabbit&bearpawsJerBear books continues to handle the popular Rabbit and Bear Paws books. Check out the set of seven little books which gives thanks for each direction.

Apps for ipads

GSSD blog suggests the best apps for ipads to support student learning!

Check it out at http://blogs.gssd.ca/ipad/.

Please note that this website is best viewed in Firefox or a browser other than Internet Explorer.

Follett Enlight

Introducing Follett Enlight, a new app for accessing and reading eBooks on your iOS or Android device.  

Talk to your librarian for the required information to initialize the new app.

eBooks and Online books – Support pages

The advent of eBooks and the online books has expanded, or should I say, exploded the capacity of what school libraries can offer. As always, we need librarians to curate the offerings and make them accessible to our students. Common questions include:

a) What mobile devices can I use for this eBook?

b) Is there an app for that?

c) Which books have text-to-speech accompaniment?

Here is a bit of a guide for patrons of the Good Spirit School Division’s libraries.


eBooks   – a digital file that can be downloaded

Possible features include: text to speech, compatibility with a variety of mobile devices

Online books – a web-based book requiring an internet connection

Possible features include: audio accompanied by highlighted text

Audiobooks – a digital recording of a reading of a book

Possible features include: professional actor voices with sound effects


eBooks blog


 new! FollettShelf on our Destiny Library System 

Step 1:  Download and install Follett Digital Reader from the app store or GooglePlay.

Step 2:  Obtain your Destiny Library username and password plus your FollettShelf url from your librarian.

 Step 3: Install the Destiny Quest mobile app to search your library catalogue.


Library2Go – the Overdrive subscription from Parkland Regional Library     Support Page

Download eBooks, audiobooks and videos from library2go.sk.ca to your computer or make them portable for your MP3, iPod or other device(s).

Step 1:  Install OverDrive Media Console for iOS  from the app store to enjoy downloaded EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks on your device. To read EPUB eBooks, you will also need to authorize your device with an Adobe ID.

Step 2: From your iOS device, open Overdrive Media Console and tap Get Books to find your library and borrow titles.

Google Books         About Google Books     Google Play Support Page  

Project Gutenberg

Titlewavefor purchasing eBooks accessible through the library system


Book apps for ipad – link to article

 Reading-Related Apps Worth Reviewing –  BY LINDSEY FULLER,   Apr 22, 2013, International Reading Association


SSLA Conference 2013

I have the opportunity this morning to listen and participate in a one day interactive workshop led by Andrea Hernandez and Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano who are presenting on 21st Century Literacies and the Collaborative Classroom.

They give their students “Skyportunities” so they can connect better with their learning and the teachers can connect the outcomes in a meaningful way. The question is posed, “Who could we talk to who would have the answers to our questions.

They have been working on developing blogging skills with students. They caution that it is a process.  Check the following link to see the framework used for developing these blogging skills: http://langwitches.org/blog/2013/03/18/beyond-pockets-of-excellence-in-blogging/

Tolisano emphasizes that we should think of the iPad as a thinking tool, not just as a learning tool. She challenges her students, even those in Kindergarten to do this five step process:  Find, Edit, Create, Save, and Send.  it is important to get what students create off of the iPad so that it is shared.