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Shodor Math Slope of a line WA20.9 Allows you to drag points and watch the slope calculation. Will also display the equation in several forms.
Watch tutorial
Slider tutorial
(Linear-Palooza and applet for teaching triangle similarity)
Watch tutorial
wa 10.6 after the steep learning curve it is useful for showing angles and the trig ratios. pythagorean theory.
Math Assessment Resource Service
Hagarty Maths Video lessons on many topics
IntMaths good for moblie device. quick reference
Musing Mathematically
Foldables, Templates
Sense and Dollars (American)
Estimation 180
Kahn Academy
Math TV
Math Class with Terry
NCTM Illuminations
Illuminations on Pinterest
Problem Based Learning
STEM Collaborative Learning
45 Problem based learning sites
Dynamic Paper Allows you to make graphs, shapes and worksheet images.
Sketch UP
Watch Tutorial
WA 10.4, WA 10.5, WA 10.7, WA 10.8, WA 10.9, WA 20.3, WA 20.5 The program is pre-loaded on GSSD computers under All Programs then Software. A user-friendly program for 3D graphic design – good alternative to AutoCAD.
SMART lesson exchange
Note: This link will bring up a link on “scale factor” lessons Use the search bar to search other WAM course topics
Note that you can click the thumbnail to “preview” rather than download each lesson to have a look
Workplace 10 blog
Shelda Hanlan Stroh
Workplace Apprenticeship Math 20
Shodor Math Applets
Math Warehouse
Dan Meyers 3 Act Math Class
Graphing Stories FD & PC 10 Short two minute videos that are real life examples that can be graphed (ex: dropping a ball, lifting weights). Have students watch the video and then graph what is happening. Then compare the students graph to the one that was created.
Slope Activities
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (9-12)
Math Interactives
Mathalicious Premade lessons exploring math using real world topics that kids are interested in. Lessons include videos, charts, student handouts, and background information on the topic. Search for lessons by currciulum standards (American). Eight free lessons. Other lessons available at $10/teacher/month.
Sask School Libraries Inquiry Support
Unpacked WA Outcomes

IPADexternal image cbuddy2.png APPS:

Geometry Pad (Ipad or Android) Watch Video
Air Server Watch Video
Quickgraph Watch Video
11+ Learn and Test Math Watch Video
3D shapes and Nets
Geometry Stash image cbuddy2.png
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Assessments and Rubrics
NESD Curriculum Corner WAM10
NESD Curriculum Corner WAM20

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