Attitude is Everything

We know that attitude makes a huge difference to success in mathematics.  It’s hard to help students feel they can be successful in math when they hear comments from other adults like “Oh, I was never good at math”, or “I can’t do math”. Did you know Mattel had a talking Barbie that said “Math is hard!” (She was pulled from shelves in 1992 after a public outcry, especially from women’s groups).

Parents can make a difference in their children’s math success by changing the dialogue around mathematics at home

A New Beginning

A new school year is always a fresh beginning for students and teachers alike.  This year as you outline your expectations to your students, why not let them know you have high expectations of yourself as a teacher? You have guidelines and things to remember and work at too.  Every semester we ask our kids to be the best learners they can be; do they know that you also want to be the best teacher you can be? As you ask your classes to trust you to guide them through a year of learning and development, why not share with them your commitment to them?

Click here to see an example of a teachers’ commitment to her learners. You can print it and keep it next to your chalk/whiteboard as a daily reminder of effective practice.

Mathematics 7-12 at GSSD

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