Curriculum support for Sask Math Curriculum

Wiki that has curr’m support for K-12 Sask Math

Saskatchewan Math Teachers’ Society 

Natalie Reiger’s Blog (educational consultant)

 Grade 1-8 resources, includes letters to send home for every unit with helpful links, vocabulary, and info for parents. Also rubrics and activities.

NCTM  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Lessons, resources, ideas, problems, challenges

Share my lessons! Find ready made lessons on many topics

Math in the real world: Has many explorations

SMARTboard lessons Middle Years

Larry Green’s Applet Collection

Rich web based problem solving resources from U of Waterloo

Math Central

Elevated Math: Resources for secondary math instruction

U of R Math Central, Resource Search page

Math Counts

Teacher Professional Development, Annenberg

Math Central Resource Room: U of R. Another lesson/activity/resource share site, this one local to Saskatchewan


Teaching slope with a multisensory approach

Online learning for math teachers:

Annenberg Professional Development 


Visual Fractions

Classifying angles app

 Math Assessment Project

 100 Problems

Virtual Manipulatives (Michelle Morley, GSSD)

Virtual Cuisenaire rods

Lisa Eberharter’s Workshop Wiki

Modeling Backwards Design

University of Waterloo Resources, including problem of the day

U of Waterloo online math games, grade 4,5,6

Stellas Stunners–non-routine problems

From TES (UK) Great Maths Teaching Ideas

Wolfram Math

Math Train

NESD Curriculum Corner

Math Outcomes by Grade


Khan Academy Practice: Has online practice for many concepts, videos to watch if you are stuck, and it tracks your progress. You can add a class of students and track their progress.

Creative High School Math Tasks


Jeopardy Math Games

Grade 9 and 10 GSSD Wiki  Web Resources

NCTM Illuminations

Math Warehouse

Java Fraction Games

TES Math Resources

Math Know Problems GSSD

Collection of resources for teaching fractions

Understanding by Design

Interactive Online Math Dictionary

Math Help (Requires Account, but lots of online video help)

Dynamic Paper!  Excellent cool!

Function matching Activity Applet

Yummy Math: Real life projects for math

Jennifer Brokofsky’s blog:  Three act math for middle years

24-7 Teacher: Lots of creative ideas for middle years

Rundees math room: Middle years ideas

Watson Math


Educational Origami: Has 21st century teaching skills

High School Activity Lessons


Dragonbox Algebra game


PreCalc 30 Student Resources, videos and more

Free math applets, great for high school, includes graphing calculator



My Livebinders


SMARTboard tools and manipulatives

Destination Math Instructions for Teachers

Destination Math Webinar


For Elementary Teachers