Fnd/PreCalc 10 Lessons and Activities

Common Assessments (click here)


Notebook Lesson Identifying Types of Factoring



Linear Functions

BattleShip Cartesian Plane

graph story

Partner Slope Worksheet

Guided Notes for 5.2 and onward                   Section 5.5 Interactive notes

SMART response exam Unit V Linear Functions

Guided Notes 6.1 and on                 Section 6.4 notes



The following resources  were contributed by Noelle Gogol, Esterhazy High School

Factors and Products

Difference of Squares Lesson Plan


Factoring Trinomials Scavenger Hunt:

Factoring Scavenger Hunt Recording Sheet                            Factoring Trinomials Scavenger Hunt

Noelle Gogol1 Noellepolyn1

Roots and Powers

Radical Snap Game


Understanding Radicals Lesson Plan

Real Number System Chair Game

Numbers Practice Sheet – Real numbers    Quiz Sheet – Real numbers           SIGNS


Row Games

4.4 Row Game      


Day 4 Midpoint Formula Practice                 


RG – basic trig RG Circle Angles Segments              

RG – formulas

RG – Permutations and Combinations                            

RG – Polynomial Fraction                                           

RG – Radical Operations                 

RG – Radicals

RG – Slope (another one)                                    

RG – surface area and volume                                               

RG – Systems and Matrices

RG – Transformations and Spec Rt Triangles

RG – volume word pblms

RG Multiplying Fractions & Mixed Numbers

RG-add subt unlike frac

RG-adding decimals

Row game – sketching parabolas

Row Game (slope)

Row Game Combining Functions

Row Game Coordinate Geometry

Row Game Decimals

Row Game Exponent Rules

Row Game Fractions

Row Game Integers

Row Game- Multiplying Polynomials and Monomials

Row Game Order of Operations

Row Game Place Value

Row Game Radical Equations

Solving Exponential EquationsRow Game

Solving Triangles RG

SurfaceArea RowGame

Writing Slope Intercept Row Game