Elementary Math Resources GSSD

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Assessment Grade 1 and 2

Dana Ilas How to Assess While you Teach

Assessment ideas booklet shared by Laurie and Deb



IPAD Apps for deeper teaching and assessing

Ipad Apps for Deeper Learning

Screen Chomp: Students can speak and write, share their work, play it back, etc
Doodle Budy
Book Creator
Story Creator
Ten Frame
Rubber Chickent
Ten Frame Fill
Friends of Ten
Air Server (allows you to project to your laptop/smartboard)
Montessori numbers
Colour Tiles
Math Quiz Game Show

**Note that if you press the home button and the on button at the same time you will take a screen shot of whatever is on the ipad

Annotated App Collection

Assessment Grade 3 and 4

Includes both summative assessments, and assessment for and as learning ideas

Our Package of Assessment Ideas

Resources from Natalie Rieger
PreAssessment Ideas

Formative Assessment Ideas

Summative Assessment Ideas

Jillian Hicks Self Assessment
Jill Hicks Math Self Assmt.JPG