Cindy Smith

Math Coach with Good Spirit School Division. Eleven years classroom experience with grades 9 to 12, technology mentor and researcher of inquiry-based instruction in senior mathematics.

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Explicit Instruction: Does it have to be “Chalk and Talk”?

Explicit Instruction:  Does it have to be “Chalk and Talk”?   What role does explicit instruction play in Mathematics?  Sometimes we feel we are being told to avoid direct instruction, or that direct instruction is less preferred than small group instruction, PODS, technology based learning, math games, centres, journals, etc. We may  even feel that …

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Vertical Math Teams

Vertical Math Teams in your School We’ve often created opportunities for math teachers to converse with grade alike partners, but to facilitate setting curricular priorities and supporting strong math achievement in our schools, we need math teachers to have conversations with the entire math team, up and down the grades, in order to get a …

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What do we do when students don’t “get it”?

Tha’s the focus of this month’s newsletter  

What’s New??

A lot!! First of all, our assessment rubrics for Grade One – Grade 8 Math are up on the portal!! Look under “Departments”, Select “Assessment, Curriculum, and Instructions”, then at the top select “Assessment Rubrics”.  There is also a copy on this blog under “Assessment and Data”. Also: Nov/Dec newsletter is out!    

They’re Here at Last!!

There are now Departmental Exam Prototypes up on blackboard. These exams are interactive; you can create a class of students, log them in and let them practice online. They will receive a grade and feedback.  Thankyou Sask Math Leaders and Ministry of Ed!!!! Follow this link You will have to sign in to blackboard …

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Starting Out On Target

Welcome back!  This time of year our minds are full of goals for the upcoming school year, things we want to ensure we do differently or more regularly than last year, issues we want to deal with more consistently, and time frames we want to meet despite having over-packed agendas!  Having clear goals at the …

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Math Initiatives at GSSD

Teaching and Learning Mathematics in GSSD Click the link above to go to the word document with working links Good Spirit School Division    Summer Math Institute and Math Mentors Every summer 20-30 K-8 teachers are invited to take part in a 2 day math instruction workshop. Topics include problem solving, inquiry, assessment, manipulatives, technology …

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The top and bottom effects on student achievement |

The top and bottom effects on student achievement | Visually.

The Cone of Learning

The Power of Specific, Non-Graded Feedback

We’ve all written comments on exams, but found that students don’t read and respond to them. By the time we are offering constructive advice on a summative assessment, its too late. Students are focused only on the grade, probably because their school experiences have trained them this way.  But as Alfie Kohn has written, grades …

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