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Grade 6

ELA Grade 6 Curriculum Documents:

ELA Grade 6



Grade 6 Context and Unit Grid

Grade 6 F&P Gradient


 Grade 6 Model Unit:  Peace and Conflict


Prompts – RAFTS for Model Unit

Writing Prompt – Student version

Speaking Prompt – Student version

Representing Prompt – Student version

Compiled Prompts – Teacher version


Recommended Print Selections :

Choosing Peace


Free the Children teacher resource

Free the Children

How to Solve a Conflict

In Flanders Fields

INtroduction by Sheils Hamanaka

Letters from Baghdad

Number the Stars


Peace Begins with You – Katherine Scholes

Readers Theater Sojourner Truth

Rights of the Child

Sadako teacher resource


Take Action Bill of Rights

Tales for Peace – Margaret Read MacDonald

The Fight – Sigmund Brouwer

The Forest

The Story of In Flanders Fields

The Westward Migration

Thoughts from a Nuclear Physicist

To a Child of War

White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Lakota Pipe Ceremony

World War II in the Pacific

Recommended Internet Resources:


Other Print Resources:

The following is a listing of print resources that fit within the multi-genre unit of Peace and Conflict to use with your students.  The links will take you to book reviews and author sites.


 Other web links:


 Grade 6 Model Unit: Taking Flight

Recommended Print Resources:

Along the Space Continuum

Far Out Jobs

It Came From Outer Space

LIfe in 2060

Our Solar System News and Views

Seeing Stars

The Astronaut Files

The Milky Way

Where Do We Go From Here

Spaced Out Food


Other Print Resources:

Amelia Earhart Free in the Skies (Robert Burleigh) (out of print)

Into the Air: The Story of the Wright Brothers First Flight (Robert Burleigh)

Flight: The Journey of Chalres Lindburgh (Robert Buleigh)

Spectacular Women in Space (Sonia Gueldenpfennig)

The Wright Brothers: A Flying Start (Elizabeth MacLeod)

The Story of Flight Series (Ole Steen Hanson)


Scholastic Book Clubs

Grade 6 Mission:Space

 After Reading Assessment of Comprehension (nonfiction)

Assessment of Final Project

Assessment of Reader Response Discussion Cards (nonfiction)

Before Reading Assessment of Comprehension (nonfiction)

Comprehension Observation Rubric for Book Clubs

During Reading Assessment of Comprehension (nonfiction)

Mission Space Gr 6 Book Club

My Final Project Creating A Graphic Novel

My Reader Response Discussion Cards (nonficiton)

My Understanding of the Book

Observation Rubric for Book Clubs

Working With Words Mission Space Assessment Checklist